Here at Brushmasters Getaway we strongly encourage those coming or interested in coming to ask questions, we change states/venues every year and we expect this, so please email us directly at [email protected] if you have a question not answered below. Please note all London Bridge Resort specific question please contact the resort direct at 928-855-0888

1) What is Brushmasters Getaway exactly?
-It’s a Artist retreat/event for diverse artists to come and network, learn, and ultimately just getaway with like minded people! There are several instructional classes & seminars for you to learn hands on with all tools provided. We travel all over with worldwide based artists to collectively bring you not only real world training and hands on workshops, but we do it in style! Bringing you artists that become instructors from many different cultures, we believe is why we stand apart for all other artist learning retreats! Heck, we even have live music and paint party’s that go all night!

2) Is it true many coming to Brushmasters Getaway meetup for caravans across the country?
-Yes it’s true and actually they meet up from around the world to, share flights together, book rooms together, carpool together, and end up becoming great friends! We’ve seen it all! Our network of people the events brings can change your life with great life long friendships through our events.

3) Can we camp at Brushmasters on site?
-Unfortunately no, but you can camp all around the event through locally owned campgrounds, dry camping in the wilderness (Free) or look up Lake Havasu State Park. Lots of Airbnb options as well!

4) Can we bring family members to the event?
-Family and friends are allowed using your hotel rooms, traveling, enjoying the live music enjoying video interactions, and all resort amenities, however only event credential ticket holders can be inside the event hall. The event hall is located on the same grounds however and you can absolutely use this as a family or friends vacation! Being a waterfront resort and sandy beaches within steps away it’s one nobody will want to miss!

5) What is the weather like March in Arizona?
-Well, we can predict that as you all know, but typically it’s about 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60-70 at night. Temperatures can vary.

6)Can we park our RV there?
-Not on the events grounds, but they’re are calling options & Rv parks all over Lake Havasu City.

7) What is the closest airport to Lake Havasu?
– Las Vegas is 2.15 hrs away
-Phoenix is 3 hrs away
-Los Angeles is 4.5 hrs away
-San Diego is 4.25 hrs away

8) How far is the Grand Canyon from Lake Havasu city?
– Depending which side you go to, travel times to the Grand Canyon by car are 2.5 to 3.5 hrs away and helicopter tours or airplanes are much shorter. Private air options are readily available during the season of the event if desired.

9) Can we bring our boat to the event?
-Absolutely, and if your staying at the London Bridge Resort you can pay the resort directly for a dock all weekend just steps away from the actual event!

10) Can we redeem our tickets from a previous year if we did not use them?
-Absolutely! All tickets are redeemable IF you did not use them or the event was canceled. If you have a redeemable ticket from a previous event YOU MUST email us directly and RSVP for 2024, if you do not RSVP 30 days prior to the event then we will NOT be able to redeem your ticket.

11) Will there be a car show again?
-Yes you know it! We will be posting more details on that as we promote the Brushmasters 2024 week!

12) When is the live music at the event?
-We try to end the last 2 nights of the event with live acoustic sets and the last day of the event, we go big! Follow our social media page @brushmastersgetaway to see more live music and exhibition artists/performers as the dates get closer, we never disappoint!

13) Where can we park if we’re not staying at London bridge resort?
-There are several parking options around and at the resort, please contact London Bridge Resort directly for parking details.

14) Do we bring our own paint brushes and paint if we have them?
-Absolutely! We’ve always encouraged this because sone artists paint all night, if you look at them the right way you’ll be right there with them, trust us we know! So yes bring whatever you’d like it’s a PAINT PARTY!