The following are questions we frequently get asked. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us at

Can tickets sale out?

Yes, workshop tickets are limited so we make sure each student gets adequate hands on training from a large number of great instructors.

How do we identify an instructor from somebody else?

All Brushmasters getaway instructors will be announced at the beginning of the workshops and tell you a little bit about themselves as well as float around during the course of the workshops.

Is the workshop for beginners?

Yes, we bring who we think are some of the most talented, unique and humble Kustom Kulture artists from around the world, so both beginner and expert can excel.

Do the instructors come from everywhere?

Yes, from abroad to US soil, we make sure diversity is a major element of the workshop as well as the experience.

Can we camp with any pass?

Yes, camping is included with all pass holders.

Can we bring our significant other and/or family & friends?

Only pass holders are allowed on the event grounds from Sept 12 thru Sept 15 @ 12 noon, Sept 15, 12pm-10pm is open to public for Live entertainment!

Do we need to bring our own supplies?

No, thank you to a lot of great people in the industry we will provide all the supplies to take all of the workshops as well as send you home with 3 Mack brushes and varieties of sponsored supplies!

When we sign up online do our lanyards come in the mail right away?

No, you will receive a confirmation email after your purchase and ALL lanyards/ event t-shirts/ goody bags will be at Artist check-in on September 12, 2018 from 9am-12pm at event location.

If we purchase a VIP ticket can our spouse/friend stay in the hotel room?

Yes, absolutely you can pack it full, but they will not be permitted on the event grounds until Saturday Sept 15, 2018 and only 12pm-10pm

Is there an admission fee Saturday after 12pm or is it free?

It is free! This is to open up the doors from our kulture to the community and of course end it with a bang!

Will there be food on the event grounds?

Yes, we will be grilling some food up throughout and also some food truck appearances on breaks, however, this is NOT a catered event so be prepared. We encourage bringing bbqs and making it a camping experience, we love the bbq grilling folks anyway! Heck, you can bbq all day for all we care!

Are there breaks between classes?

Yes, there will always be an hour at minimum break between classes to recharge the mind and you can step in and out of class as you please.

Do any workshops happen at the same time?

No, they never do, however just because the sign painting or drawing class is done 1 day doesn’t mean you can’t latch on to your favorite instructor and pick their brain some more! All the instructors will be floating around trying to help you get better as well as even taking some of the courses themselves! Here it’s all about learning and growing as artists.

Can we bring our own stuff to paint on?

Yes, but only after 12pm Saturday, Heck, feel free to ask your favorite instructor(s) to paint up whatever you have! Get a rare collaboration even.. This brings a market place to the instructors and allows you to leave with something memorable if you choose! Its great for everyone!

Can we ask instructors to paint our items if their class is over?

Yes, absolutely they are artists just like you and even more so just normal folks, so feel free if you feel a connection with any individual just talk to them!

Can anybody donate art to the charity auction?

Yes, all artists far and wide are welcome to donate art to our charity auction as well as any charity anytime you feel and we encourage it!

Which airport is closest?

Lexington Kentucky and Louisville Kentucky airports.

Will there be shuttles from the airport?

Yes, but not through us. If you need shuttle arrangements to and from the airport there are many options and some are free with hotel options, as well as our host hotel. If you need these please search online “Airport shuttles in Georgetown/Lexington Kentucky area”

Can we vanpool out to the event?

Yes, we encourage you to team up with others making far road trips! Check the Instagram hashtag #brushmastersgetaway or #teamgetaway and link up with someone, as we’ve seen in the past road trips from every coast of the USA!

Will there be awards?

Yes, but only for the show n shine not for the workshop. We do not offer awards in our learning format simply because we’re all learning together and in art there is no “Best” only different points of view.